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Top Most Searched Microsoft’s Windows Phone Apps | Enlight Nepal


Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store- Enlight NepalAt present, technology has miracle and enlighten the world with new and updated user-friendly innovation and creation that really overrides the old one. Likewise, you can find a number of official apps and alternatives that are similar to or even better than the regular culprits for your mobile needs since Microsoft’s Windows Phone Apps is steadily expanding its arsenal of great apps on a monthly basis. So you can try as many Windows Phone Apps as you want before purchasing any; this is the best part of Windows Phone Apps. But note that there are some Windows Phone Apps like Files which need Windows Phone 8.1 to work. Now let’s discuss on some of the Top Most Searched Microsoft’s Windows Phone Apps.

Tip: If some of these apps may not available in your location, you can change your phone region from Settings > Region menu, and restart your phone to install apps.

  1. Password Padlock:

Password Padlock- Enlight Nepal

Password Protection and remembrance is very essential and most crucial so having an app that generate and save unique passwords is really very fruitful, that is done by Password Padlock app. It lets you manage passwords across the Windows app version for OneDrive. All passwords are encrypted with AES-256, the latest encryption standard. So be sure that your passwords are fully secured.

  1. Photosynth:

Photosynth- Enlight Nepal

It is a Microsoft-owned app that let you capture an amazing interactive 360 degrees panorama pictures. Similarly it allows you to share your photos to Facebook and Twitter, that ship with a Photosynth social; a niche community that shares panorama taken with Photosynth.

  1. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp- Enlight NepalWhatsApp now is in Windows Phone after being pulled for having compatibility issues with Windows Phone 8.1. The comeback is accompanied by a number of long-awaited features such as Custom Chat Background, Custom Sound Notification, and Media Autodownload.

Other messaging apps: Telegram, Messenger BETA, LINE, Messenger, KakaoTalk.

  1. PDF Reader:

PDF Reader- Enlight NepalPDF Reader is most essential for your pdf readers, now it is even easy on phone. You can Launch, read, add bookmarks easily to your PDF reading materials with the app. It lets you share your PDF documents to social media sites via OneDrive. 

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express- Enlight NepalAdobe Photoshop Express is a great entry level photo editing tool for basic photo cleanup and manipulation. It gives you photo shopping powers on your windows phone. You can edit, crop, rotate, flip, straighten, red-eye remove and give your photos nice filters that you can share with your favourite sites. It even offers you sliders and one-touch tools for cleaning up noise, sharpness, color and exposure.

NOTE: Adobe Photoshop Express only run on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 and requires at least 512 MB of memory.

  1. Files:

Files- Enlight NepalFiles work as similar to Windows Explorer works. So using files, you can easily manage the files or documents that are stored within your phone such as creating a new folder, moving as well as renaming files.

  1. Wallpaper:

Wallpaper- Enlight NepalWallpaper app let you download background images in various sizes and categories that help you to attach it in your Windows Phone Start and Lock Screen.

  1. Facebook:

Facebook- www.enlightnepal.comIt is less worthful to tell you for getting Facebook app for your Windows Phone. This probably goes without saying that. But additionally, a new version of Facebook app for Windows Phone dubbed as Facebook Beta has also been released. You can even access the Facebook app straight from the Lock screen on windows phone.

Other Social Media: Twitter, Instagram BETA, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Vine

  1. Toib ($0.99):

Toib ($0.99)- www.enlightnepal.comThe Google and Microsoft relationship is hot one minute, then cold, the next. Since Google axed Microsoft’s access to YouTube’s API, you should probably use Toib as an alternative for your video-related needs.

More Video-Sharing Apps: Metro Tube ($0.99), and Prime Tube.

  1. Poki:

Poki- www.enlightnepal.comPoki is an unofficial app client for Pocket, an application to save web articles to read it later. It supports offline reading, Search, tagging, marking articles as favourite, live tiles, speech synthesis and many more.

  1. VLC:

VLC- www.enlightnepal.comVLC for Windows Phone is free and is designed to play almost any format just like its desktop sibling. It can even design to take more difficult media formats such as OGG, FLAC, MKV and MPC.

  1. InstaNote:

InstaNote- www.enlightnepal.comInstaNote help to make note during meetings, and if you hear something interesting or important, hit a button; InstaNote captures and transcribes the last 30 seconds of audio, and allowing you to tag and categorize each clip.

  1. Flashlight Zero:

Flashlight Zero- www.enlightnepal.comFlashlight Zero is the best app in the store to turn your phone camera flashlight to brighten your surroundings-in case of power cut. It’s very simple and easy to use in a immediate use of light source.

  1. Measures Mate:

Measures Mate- www.enlightnepal.comMeasures Mate is a unit converter suite. It is used for the measurements of temperature, volume, energy, velocity, angle, length etc and is so handy that you may not need internet access for conversion.

  1. Stopwatch:

Stopwatch- www.enlightnepal.comStopwatch is one of the best and simplest app although there are dozens of other stopwatch apps you can use.

  1. World Clock:

World Clock- www.enlightnepal.comWorld Clock is most useful to see the times at major cities worldwide. This app allows you to switch to the time of your current location. It’s more useful for those who often travel around the globe and keep track of world times.

  1. Network Speed Test:

Network Speed Test- www.enlightnepal.comNetwork Speed Test is a minimalistic app to test your internet connection speed, and provides both the upload and downloads speeds of your internet connection and even helps to compare with previous test.

  1. Life360 Family Locator:

Life360 Family Locator- www.enlightnepal.comThe name itself let you to monitor your current family member’s locations in real-time. It even let you, chat with your family members with its built-in-chat system.

  1. Office Lens:

Office Lens- www.enlightnepal.comNow it’s easy to scan your documents with your phone. Office Lens not only let you scan but even trim and resize your document automatically to an appropriate readable size. Even more, it is very handy to take digital copies of your important documents like business card details and receipts.

  1. Amazon:

Amazon- www.enlightnepal.comThis is more efficient for those users who love to check out Amazon for deals to browse products easily through department and category. You can even place your order quickly and promptly, even without using Amazon SmartPhone.

More Online Shopping Apps: eBay, Yelp, Newegg.

There are also other several Top Most Searched Microsoft’s Windows Phone Apps based on requirement like Paypal, Nextgen Reader ($2.99), App Folder, Compass, Shopping List Reminder app, Transfer my Data, Lumia Camera, Blue Skies, Lumia Creative Studio, Twitter, Tweetit, Netflix, News, Bing Translator, Xbox One SmartGlass, Skype, OneDrive, WeChat, Flipboard, Vine, Afterlight, Spotify, miCoach Train and Run, BBM,  ToolKit like Uber, Video Tuner, Health and Fitness, Mint, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Metrotube, HERE Drive+, Weave News Reader, Baconit, Readit, Evernote, All Recipes, Audible-Audiobooks, TrueCaller, CycleTracks GPS, Cloudoh, Plex, Files, Microsoft Pocket Magnifier,  JobLens etc.

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