Top Most Searched Google Gadget Hidden Secrets and Tricks |

Top Most Searched Google Gadget Hidden Secrets and Tricks |Enlight Nepal


Google is the best search engine with some special features developed by developers to amaze everyone with some Top Most Searched Google Gadget Hidden Secrets and Tricks like Walking to Mordor, Barrel roll, 42, Gravity, Recursion, Klingon, Kerning, Hello, Nessy, Nagging Rams, Antarctic Penguins, Doodles, Konami ninja, Pac man etc, so these Google Gadget Features really excites anyone to choose Google as their first choice. Me too Google is the first choice of Search engine. Here I would mention about 15 Easter eggs with exciting hidden secrets and tricks of Google Gadget for you to discover the next time when you are Googling in a browser.

  1. Check Flight Status:Check Flight

You can easily type the requested airline and flight number into Google’s search box so that you can get all the details for the flight. Thus by using this feature, you can keep up-to-date with any flight without having to constantly check the airline’s website.

  1. Walking Direction:

Google is so advanced that it would give you walking directions and warning, if you are looking for route to go somewhere. I personally liked this feature most. I guess you too.

  1. Barrel Roll:

Barrel Roll- www.enlightnepal.comBy just typing “do a barrel roll”, in a search bar of Google, your page will be spinning automatically before you have completed the instruction to do.

  1. Google Gravity:

Google Gravity-ww.enlightnepal.comHave you ever experienced about searching “Google Gravity” and hitting “Iam feeling Lucky”, you may experience something, really awesome effect on Google, so I suggest you to try it once. Here Google comes crashing down around you, so don’t be afraid of, it’s just a feature of Google.

  1. Kerning:

Kerning is the spacing between letters in a word. When you search for “Kerning”, Google automatically changes the spaces between letters in the word “Kerning” in all the results.

  1. Doodles:

Google Doodles -www.enlightnepal.comIf you just search for “I’m feeling lucky”, a catalogue of all the Google doodles are seen. It will really entertain you lot with special effects and animation on Google. So, search for this keyword to grab all Google doodles at once.

  1. Konami ninja:

Konami ninja will be appeared by just typing “Konami Code” in Google Reader, it will turn the side panel into blue and a cute ninja will appear on the left of your screen. Use your arrow keys and keyboard to enter the code – it’s up, up, down, down, left, right, right, followed by the letters B and A. This one is going away after Reader is retired in July 2013.

  1. Street View Team:

If you hop along to the back of the Google offices in Mountain View, you can see them all, who worked at Google doing cool things like Google street view.

  1. Pacman:

Pacman -www.enlightnepal.comGoogle Pacman game is so popular that it was given a permanent home although it started out as a Google Doodle to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pacman in 2010.

  1. Zerg Rush:

If you are familiar with Star Craft, you may know “Zerg Rush”, that is a tactic where swarms of aliens known as “Zergs” descend in multitudes in order to overwhelm their enemies. So, Google “zerg rush” is prepared to defend your browser against hordes of the letter “o” in Google’s logo that will start to destroy your search results. You can even share your high score on Google+ although they are apparently undefeatable, but you can try to fight them off by clicking on them.

  1. Use Google as a Proxy:

Use Google as a Proxy- www.enlightnepal.comBy Typing “” into the search box, will avoid the block website i.e. give access to the block website.

  1. Getting Unit Conversions:

Many of us, needs currency and unit conversion tool to quickly convert as required conversion. For example: 2GBP in USD, 55F in C etc.

  1. Open Accidentally Closed Tabs:

Have you ever mistakenly closed a tab? We all have. But in chrome you can get it back all at once with just quick command. For this Press “Ctrl + Shift + T”, then chrome will reopen any recently closed tabs.

These are just few of information about Top Most Searched Google Gadget Hidden Secrets and Tricks, there are even more on Google, you can search for to grab more information about it.

















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