Top Most Popular and Viral YouTube Channel Ideas and Topics to Make Money Online


Youtube Money- www.enlightnepal.comIf you are really interested on creating Youtube channel and Make Money Online by creating Youtube channel popular and viral, then you are in right place and article. On today’s date people post videos to YouTube Channel about virtually everything, from personal home videos to news shows, educational materials, comedy, travel clips, political rants and more to make Money. However, when it comes to the videos that go truly viral and popular but not every topic has the right stuff. So the topics and ideas should be such to rock the world through shock, awe and entertaining. Here Iam mentioning all these info so get ready to make Money.

  1. Vlogging Your Life:

Vlogging Your Life-www.enlightnepal.comVlogging is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get started with a YouTube Channel because you don’t need any equipment and apparatus other than a device with a camera that can capture your video content. So Vloggers mostly spend time talking to the camera about their own opinions, concerns, thoughts, lives and even current news topics or events. Vlogging are totally open-ended and is considered to be the video equipment or writing in a journal, diary or personal blog.

  1. Product and Service Reviewing:

Product and Service Reviewing- www.enlightnepal.comProduct Reviews are really very simple to produce as box opening video but you would be well advised to make notes in advance. Like box opening, first impressions on the domain of the box opening, but for the product reviews you should go more in depth and include your reflections upon experiences with the product in question, whether it is a new bike, frying pan, a new partwork magazine, a phone, some makeup, a collection of pencils, it’s up to you as your preferences.

  1. Fan Videos, Reviews and Commentaries:

www.enlightnepal.comNext best way to get more subscriber and viewers is of making fan videos. This might be speculation on your favorite movie, book series, TV show, and a review of the latest episode or even a commentary. So if you can make or find any of the popular movies, make it video people really love to watch.

  1. Show off your reactions:

Show off your reactions-www.enlightnepal.comReaction of yours on any video is a best way to get audience attraction and these can be made with anything from a computer webcam to a smartphone app get to it, and have fun!

  1. How To/Tutorials:

How To/Tutorials- www.enlightnepal.comIf you able to give some solution of users problem, you are always in favor of them. Similarly, if you can teach them of their desired topic such as learning the basic of computer, carpentry, programming courses etc, it enriches your traffic.

  1. Unboxing Cool Products:

Unboxing Cool Products-www.enlightnepal.comUnboxing is a big deal in the world of this high-end consumer electronics and a huge trend on Youtube. When a new product is launched, it gained public attention more that are searching for the product to buy for themselves. So the product owners’ film themselves opening the boxed product for the first time to show its contents as it comes or launches.

  1. Gaming:

www.enlightnepal.comEvery one love entertaining games and do love playing video games. Amazingly, they love watching other people play games too. Viewers generally like to watch You Tubers play games as they give commentary, and give ideas on how to play even better for them.

  1. Makeup/Beauty Tutorials:

Makeup/Beauty Tutorials- www.enlightnepal.comMakeup, hair, fashion, skincare and other beauty regimens often require being seen most. So makeup and beauty channels are a popular choice among young women on YouTube.

  1. Computer and Technology Tutorials:

Computer and Technology Tutorials- www.enlightnepal.comPeople are often getting confused and perplexed by technology. Rather than digging out the old product manual, more people are turning back to YouTube when they get stuck. Always Remember YouTube is the second Largest Search Engine. You can find everything from JavaScript coding to PC Troubleshooting and from Photoshop editing to iPhone jail breaking and many more.

  1. News/Entertainment:

www.enlightnepal.comA lot of People do really well on YouTube by Vlogging or doing comedy videos on celebrity gossip or newsworthy topics. Even more, you can also offer your own comments and opinions on the stories you decide to cover.

  1. Musical Instrument Playing/Singing:

Musical Instrument Playing/Singing- www.enlightnepal.com

If you have some talent, you can share on YouTube. Not only is music huge on You Tube with its Vevo integration, but covers or original songs by everyday normal people like you are also stunning to watch and listen. Similarly, it’s pretty standard for most musical people or groups to share their talent on YouTube. Likewise tons of artists and bands have also been discovered on YouTube.

  1. Traveling:

Traveling-www.enlightnepal.comLots of YouTube creators combine the travel theme with Vlogging, taking their cameras with them while describing the places they visit and documenting. Its great way to show viewers, whether or not a place is worthful to visit or not through YouTube.

  1. Education:

Education-www.enlightnepal.comSharing what you know on YouTube is a great way to teach and inform thousands of viewers across the world about something you’re deeply passionate and knowledgeable about.  You’ll even get bonus points from your viewership if you can teach and present them as they understand.

  1. Animation:

Animation- www.enlightnepal.comCreate animated shorts, web series shows or even long movies to build a following and get a feedback from your viewers.  You even grab opportunities from your dream animation job or even project from several artistic company.

  1. Lifestyle Advice:

Lifestyle Advice- www.enlightnepal.comIf you could relate problem of people, you are more likely to get audience attraction. From health and relationships, to money and career, you can certainly establish yourself as an expert in any particular field that you can yourself should able to give advice on your own knowledge, education or personal experience.

  1. Animals and Pet:

Animals and Pet- www.enlightnepal.comThere are also some you tubers who are interested on watching animal and their act. So just point a camera at your cat or hamster or dog or horse or whatever animal you want and make video of them.

  1. Comedy:

Comedy- www.enlightnepal.comAre you passionate about acting, if so then make video of your comedy act that could entertain people and make your Youtube more traffic engaging. You can make or create fun on anything if you are really creative to do so.

  1. Cooking:

Cooking- www.enlightnepal.comEveryone loves live cooking and actions in sense of going through step-by-step instructions with lists of ingredients create viewers attraction. With cooking videos, audiences know exactly what techniques you have applied to create recipe that is so easy to remember and do.


 These are just few of topics and ideas to make youtube channel popular and viral to make money online. But there are also other so like Music Videos, Kids and Babies, Talent show, WTF?! Videos, Sex, Prank etc.


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