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Top Most Coolest Gadget and Discoveries for 2017 | Enlight Nepal


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It’s difficult to summarize the specific features and importance of Top Most Coolest Gadget and Discoveries for 2017. As science and technology progresses descent and innovative technology overrides the respective old one. So it’s better to be updated on tech per day. Now, wallpaper-thin TVs, drones dive underwater, and a computer turn into a size of a credit card really miracle the world. Those are only a few of the Gadget that have been unveiled at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Gadget expo in Las Vegas, where companies in the tech, automotive and home appliance industries flaunt their latest innovations. Similarly, many high-profile and leading tech companies like Google, Apple etc hold their own separate events throughout the year to unveil new products rather than debuting new wares at CES.

For 2017, the biggest themes include self-driving cars, home robots, and tons of integrations with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. We may also see razor-thin laptops and convertible computers, along with show-stopping massive televisions. These are just few of future technology to come. Now let’s look at some of the Top Most Coolest Gadget and Discoveries for 2017.

  1. Lenovo Smart Assistant:

Lenovo Smart Assistant | Enlight NepalLenovo Smart Assistant new speaker is a slightly cheaper and come with more colorful alternative to the Amazon Echo. It includes eight microphones that Lenovo can pick up speech from 16 feet away. It may even get access to the same array of “skills” that with Amazon’s own gadget as it is powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It launches this May in several colors and costs $130 for the standard model and $180 for a version with upgraded Harman Kardon speakers and do tasks like answering questions, managing calendars and to-do lists, and playing music.

  1. Asus Zenfone AR:

Enlight Nepal- Asus Zenfone ARAsus Zenfone AR is built to provide augmented and virtual reality experiences so Asus is betting that in the near future it will be used for more than hailing Ubers, playing games and video chatting. Tango and Daydream are the two supported platforms created by Google to enable these technologies, meaning its hardware is tailored to track motion, perceive depth and learn about its surroundings to run AR and VR apps and many more.

  1. PowerRay Aquatic Drone:

PowerRay Aquatic Drone- Enlight NepalPowerRay Aquatic Drone might be a dream of fisherman. The waterproof vehicle is compatible with an optional FishFinder add-on that uses a concept of a sonar system to detect fish and send images to the user. It runs in both salt and fresh water and includes a 4K camera to shoot 12-megapixel view.

  1. Dell 2-in-1 Laptops:

Dell 2-in-1 Laptops-Enlight NepalDell introduced several compatible laptops and the most notable include its Latitude 7285 and new XPS 13 models. The former, Surface Pro 4 has a sharp screen, stylus and a sturdy keyboard that more closely resembles that of a laptop than most hybrids. However, the latter comes with a flexible rotating hinge for use in different positions.

  1. Plume:

Plume-Enlight NepalPlume is a wearable device which tracks the pollution around us. It especially tracks particulate matter (PM2.5), ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and humidity. So is designed for people who live in big polluted cities like Kathmandu and also to be clipped to a bag.

  1. Motiv’s fitness tracking ring:

Motiv’s fitness tracking ring- Enlight NepalMotiv’s fitness tracking ring has crammed a whole fitness band’s worth of functionality into a ring. This titanium-encased device tracks fitness and sleep and also manages to pack in an optical heart rate sensor, boasting a battery life of three to five days on one charge.

  1. Clear Flight Solutions’ Robird:

Clear Flight Solutions’ Robird- Enlight NepalClear Flight Solutions’ Robird is a bird that flaps its wings and scares the bejesus out of other birds to keep aviation safe. It flies by flapping its wings and steers by using two tail fins and even glides through the air for periods of time, just like a stalking bird of prey would do and is designed to mimic a raptor.

  1. Toyota Concept-i:

Toyota Concept-i - Enlight NepalToyota Concept-i is capable of driving autonomously rather than just teaching vehicles to drive for us. So Toyota claims that the car will be able to learn more about the drivers preferences and needs over time, such as suggesting destinations after a driver chats with the vehicle’s virtual assistant, called “Yui”.

  1. Mattel Aristotle:

Mattel Aristotle- Enlight NepalMattel Aristotle is a smart baby monitor with smart voice-activated speaker works with a companion camera to operate tasks like soothing a crying baby, encouraging kids to mind their manners, buying more diapers, and helping them to learn a foreign language.

  1. Intel’s Credit Card-Sized Computer:

Intel’s Credit Card-Sized Computer - Enlight NepalIntel’s Credit Card-Sized Computer is a mini-computer designed to be easily inserted into a smart devices. The idea behind this is to make upgrading gadgets like smart refrigerators, interactive retail kiosks and connected security cameras as easy as swapping out one component. This will definitely prevent the need to buy an entirely new system once new standard in connectivity or faster processors are released.

  1. LG W-Series TV:

LG W-Series TV - Enlight NepalLG W-Series TV is a large-screened TVs blend into the living room as naturally as wallpaper. It weights just about 27 pounds while smart TVs from Samsung and Sony weigh around 80 and 73 pounds respectively.  So the design of LG TV is so different that it’s screen itself is separated from the guts of the system.


All aforementioned gadgets are just few of out-numbered Gadget found must valuable and worthful in our day to day life. There are also many more Top Most Coolest Gadget and Discoveries, planning to be in launched state so always be updated with Tech News and Gadget. It will help you to be familiar with new technology and become smart.











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