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Top 14 Facebook Messenger Hidden Secrets and Tricks with Gems | Enlight Nepal

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Facebook Messenger- Enlight NepalNowadays, many people are engaged on Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with other people. But do you know we are using Facebook Messenger for something more as well behind chatting. There are lots of  Facebook Messenger Hidden Secrets and Tricks with Gems that really miracle your horizon and thinking perspective about Facebook Messenger. So, let’s discuss on Top 14 Facebook Messenger Hidden Secrets and Tricks with Gems:

But Before discussing on those facts lets have some ideas on Top Most Historic and Useful Facts about Facebook:

  1. 2004

Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook in his Harvard dorm room

  1. 2006

Facebook allows anyone over 13 to join, introduces the news feed

  1. 2007

Sells a 1.6% stake to Microsoft for $240m

  1. 2008

Reaches 100 million users

  1. 2009

Introduces “like” button

  1. 2010

Facebook becomes profitable

  1. 2012

Acquires Instagram for $1bn in cash and stock

  1. 2012

Reaches one billion users

  1. 2014

Buys messaging app WhatsApp for $19bn

  1. 2015

Extends effort to provide internet access to rest of world

  1. 2016

Facebook becomes the most popular social networking site in the world

Now, Let’s on Top 14 Facebook Messenger Hidden Secrets and Tricks with Gems:

  1. Bots, bots, bots:

Bots for Messenger - www.enlightnepal.comHave you ever heard about the term “Bots”? Bots are the future. You can easily order fruits, flowers, call an Uber or Lyft or even read current news all from the comfort of a Facebook Messenger Window. These are just few of, but that’s not all the Bot World has to offer: you can play Messenger’s version of Chat Roulette, Read some epic verses, find something for dinner etc.  Isn’t the future amazing to expand your thinking horizon?

  1. Voice and Video Calling Facility at your comfort zone and sending videos:

Facebook Messenger video calling-

We can easily do voice call and video call at anytime without giving any calling charge. For this, we just have to click on the phone or video icon at the top right corner of the screen. It totally does not matter if we are signing up using our mobile number or facebook account. Even more, we can easily send videos as well if we get bored on lazy conversation by typing long messages. For this, we just need to tap the camera button and hold down of the middle circle for the video.

  1. Send Someone Your Location:

Send Someone Your Location- www.enlightnepal.comIt is the most useful and significant features of Facebook Messenger and is most useful in our day to day life to give location to your friends about your presence. For this you simply:

  • Open the conversation with the person
  • Tap the button just below the conversation
  • If he clicks the location button, he/she can see a blue circle showing its current location.
  1. Adding GIFs, Sending Bigger likes and other Apps:

giff images- www.enlightnepal.comWe can easily make the conversation livelier with GIFs or emoji or memes. For this just click on the three dots just at the bottom of the chat screen to download the apps like doodle drawing game, QuizChat etc. Similarly, we can also send bigger like by just holding the thumbs up icon just at the right side of the typing message box. If you don’t like bigger likes then you can even use emoji such as bigger Smiley.

  1. Play games and Indulge in @dailycute with chat codes:

chat codes on messenger- www.enlightnepal.comchat codes for chess on messenger- www.enlightnepal.comchat codes for basketball on messenger-

If sports aren’t really your thing, you can type basketball emoji or “@fbchess” into a chat window and play a game of basketball and chess respectively against a friend. It will really make you have some fun. There are also lots of games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Golden Bingo, and Checkers you can play and enjoy. In contrary, if you have a bad day and need someone help to pick you, just type “@dailycute” into a chat window and see what will happen?

  1. Stickers:

Stickers messenger- www.enlightnepal.comStickers are the sweetest thing of the messenger. It may be funny, boring, exciting or more. If you click on the Smiley face, sticker will pop up; and you just need to click on your desired sticker. Even more, if you don’t want to see the notification, you can mute the notification as you desire.

  1. Introducing Messenger Story:

Messenger Story- www.enlightnepal.comFacebook has introduced story option in Facebook like Snapchat. So you can easily share your moments or customized any photo with tones of face masks, filters, stickers and frames. Besides you can also choose to whom you want to share your story and remains throughout life, not like Snapchat story fades away within 24 hours.

  1. Search or Add a Friend through Facebook Image Code or Unique Messenger Code:

Facebook Image Code or Unique Messenger Code- www.enlightnepal.comNow you can easily search a Friend through Facebook Image Code Generated by Messenger and get in contact easily. For this,

  • Go to setting options of the Facebook Messenger, there you will see your profile picture surrounded by mind-blowing frame
  • Tap on that frame, your messenger code will appear
  • Now you can share a code to the friend who is searching you for a while.

OR, Alternatively, you will also find another tab “scan code”, tap on it, camera will open then scan your friend’s image code and get connected instantly. 

  1. Uber Ride:

Uber Ride1- www.enlightnepal.comUber Ride-

You can even hire an Uber ride just at the time of using Facebook Messenger from a conversation thread. For this, you simply logging into your Uber account or by using a transportation link rather than opening to the app.

  1. Secure your Conversation:

Secure your Conversation-www.enlightnepal.comAfter Facebook Messenger has introduced “secret conversations”, now you can secure your private conversation through facebook end to end encryption. For this, go to:

  • Setting > Secret Conversation Tab, then click on it.
  • Now you can secure your conversations, or disappear it after having conversation.
  1. Group Conversation:

If you want to make your own group to communicate with, you can make. For this, you just need to start a group conversation by opening a new window and giving the names of the people you want to include in the conversation. You can even leave the group whenever you want.

  1. Block Someone on Facebook Messenger:

Do you have someone who bugging you a lot with spam messages? Do you want to block him? It’s great you can do so, just follow this steps with no stress at all. But this block is only restricted to Facebook Messenger. The person you block will not be abled to send messages to you.

  • Open Messenger App
  • Long Press on the name of the person you want to block.
  • Tap on Block.
  • Tap on stop receiving messages and calls.
  1. Draw and write on Images Before Sending:

Using Facebook Messenger, you can spice up your conversations by just writing and drawing over images. For this,

  • Start or Open a chat with someone
  • Tap on the picture icon at the bottom
  • Select a photo
  • Tap on the pencil icon at the left
  • Start drawing, you can toggle between drawing and writing.
  1. Activate or Deactivate Chat Heads:

chat heads- www.enlightnepal.comchat heads1-

Chat Heads sometimes may annoying you especially when you are doing something important on your device, so follow this step to disable FB chat heads:

  • Open messenger app on your device.
  • Tap on the profile icon.
  • Scroll down till you see chat Heads.
  • Tap on chat heads to switch it off or on.


 These are just Top 14 Facebook Messenger Hidden Secrets and Tricks with Gems; but there are even more. You can search on Google and enrich your knowledge on Facebook Messenger.




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