SEE Results 2073 2074 finally Published Class 10 Check Your Result-

SEE Results 2073/2074 finally Published, Class 10 Check Your Result | Enlight Nepal

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SEE Results 2073 2074 finally Published Class 10 Check Your Result-

SEE Result 2073/2074 finally get published.  Education Board Sanothimi, Bhaktapur  have recently published the result of SEE (Secondary Education Examinations) so, all the students who gave their SEE examination on 2073 for the year 2074 please check out this website, SMS and IVR, to get more detail information about SEE.

  1. Via Websites
  2. Ministry of Education Singh durbar Kathmandu:
  3. Department of Education, Bhaktapur:
  4. Examination Controller Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur:
  5. National Examination Board:
  6. Nepal Telecom:
  7. NCELL Pvt Ltd:
  8. Kantipur Digital Corps:


B.Via SMS and IVR

  1. Nepal Telecom: IVR: Short code: 1600
  2. Nepal Telecom: SMS: 1600
  3. Akash Tech Pvt. Ltd.: SMS: 31001
  4. Focus one Nepal Pvt. Ltd.: SMS: 35566
  5. NCELL Pvt Ltd: SMS: 1600
  6. One Up Communication: SMS: 33624
  7. Janaki Technology Pvt Ltd: SMS: 35001
  8. Easy Service Pvt. Ltd.: SMS: 34949


For More Information about SEE RESULT 2074 CLASS 10 GRADING SYSTEM:

A+ = 90% and above (Grade Point 4.0) (Remark: Outstanding)

A = 89% to 80% (Grade Point 3.6) (Excellent)

B+ = 79% to 70% (Grade Point 3.2) (V Good)

B = 69% to 60% (Grade Point 2.8) (Good)

C+ = 59% to 50% (Grade Point 2.4) (Above Average)

C = 49% to 40% (Grade Point 2.0) (Average)

D+ = 39% to 30% (Grade Point 1.6) (Below Average)

D = 29% to 20% (Grade Point 1.2) (Above Insufficient)

E = 19% and below (Grade Point 0.8) (Insufficient)

Hence, there will be no fail percentage from the year onward.  So, many students have to face several challenges after getting lower grade for joining High School / Colleges. But it is up to the decision of students on doing hard work and getting better grade in the next examination, if they decide but no compulsion. Really, this makes competition tough among the students after changing the examination system from SLC (percentage) to SEE (Grade). So, once again, I would like to congratulate all new fresher students to shape their career in right direction because the real journey of life starts after SEE.

Note: Think Wide and Choose Wider Scope as You Interest On, because it’s your life so always be patience and happy, and remember Alexander Graham Bell said, “When one door closes, another door opens”.

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