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How to Do Free Facebook Wi-Fi Connection? | Which Routers Support Facebook WiFi? | Enlight Nepal

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Facebook Wi-Fi Connection | Enlight NepalFacebook Wi-Fi Connection is so simple and easy to process. For this, you just need to go through very simple and easy steps then all the things will be in your hand. Before going through those steps let’s have some ideas on what are the benefits that you get having Facebook Wi-Fi Connection.

  1. Turn Your Business into a Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection:

For this, you don’t need to type Wi-Fi Codes and even no need to create new accounts. So that, your dedicated customers can manually check in or choose a setting that lets them connect automatically whenever they visit your business location.

  1. Reach More People or Customer:

It even increased more customers for your business as their friends can know your business just by seeing the story in their friends News Feed.

  1. It Helps More People or Customer Find Your Business:

On Facebook Mobile App, your Page may improve by more check-ins and engagement of the Customers.

How to do Free Facebook Wi-Fi Connection Which Routers Support Facebook WiFi | Enlight Nepal

Now, let’s discuss on “How to set up Free Facebook Wi-Fi Connection at your business?”

At first, you have to be sure that you are an admin for your Business Facebook Page that you have created. Then follow these steps to set up Facebook Wi-Fi Connection:

  1. Login to facebook.com
  2. Then be sure that you have a router that would support Facebook Wi-Fi Connection.
  3. Then after enabling “Sign on with Facebook” Here the process for Facebook Wi-Fi Connection is different based on the router that you have used or chosen i.e. in detail These are the Routers Facebook Wi-Fi Support till date:
  • D-Link: Go to http://dlinkrouter.local/  and click on Setup tab > Guest Zone. Mark the Enable Guest Zones and Enable Facebook Wi-Fi (D-Link Facebook Wi-Fi AC1750 Router  DIR-865L)
  • Cisco: Once login to your Connect, Go to Engage dashboard from Cisco Mobility Service Engine 8.0 and Select Facebook Wi-Fi on the Menu, then everything would be OK. (Cisco Wireless Products)
  • NETGEAR: Go to http://www.routerlogin.net/ and click on the Advanced tab > Facebook Wi-Fi > Configure. (NETGEAR AC1750 WiFi Router)
  • Meraki: Go to your wireless router’s admin console and sign on Facebook in the Splash Page Section. (Meraki wireless products)
  • Open-Mesh: Go to com for login, then select Facebook Wi-Fi in the SSID #1 Splash Page Section. (Open-Mesh Wireless Products)
  • Aruba Networks Wireless Products.
  • Intelbras Roteador HotSpot 300
  • Ruckus Wireless Products
  • ASUS RT-AC68U and RT-N18U routers
  1. After all the things are done or set, Facebook Wi-Fi Configuration Panel will open in a new Window. Here in the drop-down menu, select the Facebook Page associated with your Business’s Location.Facebook Wi-Fi Connection | Enlight Nepal
  2. Just Below Facebook Page, there is a section called Bypass Mode, here you can choose whether your customers can use a Wi-Fi code that you give to them or click on a link to skip check-in Link.
  3. Finally, click on Save Settings.

Important Information for Using Facebook Wi-Fi Connection:

If you have more than one location of your business you can easily login or set up your Facebook Wi-Fi Connection.  But for all this, you must have only pages with Valid Locations as you need to or have to create a different page for each location of your business to get Facebook Wi-Fi services.



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