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How to Access Blocked Website? 10 Best and Easy ways to solve them

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How to Access Blocked Website in school, colleges, institue and organization - Enlight NepalRestrictions to any website make annoying to all of us. But it’s necessary as well in order to prevent from overuse or misuse of internet. However, in the era of the internet, blocking to website is meaning less to do. So if you are also getting bored with blocked website or not able to Access Blocked Website. This article is for you, here I would give you effective information on how to Access Blocked Website in a fast and easy way.

How to access blocked websites in a 10 best way:

  1. Use VPN

VPN is a Virtual Proxy Network allows you to connect your any devices to a securely connected another network over the internet. VPN puts your IP(Internet Protocol) address in a land far away so that you are enabled to Access Blocked Website from your home network. You can also download the apps or open any websites that are blocked in your country by just single click.

There are thousands of free VPN service providers you can choose and use that converts your data into garbage value so that it’s difficult for anyone to sniff and recognize your Location.

Some of the great VPN Packages you can try are:

  1. Use Proxy Websites

Proxy Websites act as a rescue method to restrict your access to some particular websites. It acts as a moderator between the server site and user; and camouflages the blocked website from the ISPs to access the blocked websites.

To get Proxy Websites, just go to   and search for proxy website for any blocked site, you can get tons of proxy website. For example: If Facebook is blocked in your institution or company, just go to:

  1. Use Internet Protocol(IP) rather than URL

Sometimes using IP of the website might work rather than using URL of the blocked websites. To get IP address of any website, go to CMD and type: “ping” in Command Prompt. However, if IP of particular website is hidden, in that case also go to CMD and type: “ping” and press enter. This will definitely give you IP address. Now enter this IP address into your web browser’s address bar and hit Enter for Searching.

  1. Change Network Proxy in Browsers:

Changing Network Proxy in Browsers might solve your problem as most of the college or institute used more than one proxy for the network. So, you can try a proxy surfing to access blocked websites in your college or institute.

For this, you need to find the network/connections in the settings of your web browser. Furthermore, you can also select the no proxy option or use next proxy site to allow network access.

  1. Use Google Translate:

Most of the companies may not know about Google Translate, so you can bypass the restriction by converting the blocked website into some of the other language that you know clearly. You can use Microsoft’s Bing Translation Service to unblock a banned website.

  1. Bypass via Extensions:

If dynamic websites like Facebook or YouTube are blocked by your institute then you can try extensions like Hola and ProxMate to allow Access Blocked Website

  1. URL recasting:

There are several instances when a particular website is hosted in VPN and don’t have a Verified SSL installed.  For such websites, you just go to address bar of web browser and type instead of searching  or . This would change the display of security notice and visit the website.

  1. Replace your DNS Server:

This method normally involves using Google DNS or OpenDNS for accessing the internet to Access Blocked Website.

  1. Go to Internet Archive : Wayback Machine:

Internet Archive:  Wayback Machine is one the most interesting service that stores a copy of most of the websites on the internet. You can also use it to access the past versions of a website and save the multiple versions of a website.

One Important thing is that user can even browse the block content online to Access Blocked Website.

  1. Use RSS Feed:

RSS Readers are useful for getting the fresh content and reading them easily. You can even collect the RSS feed of any blocked website and add it to your reader. There are even some useful online services you can try to generate the feed, just in case that website doesn’t have an RSS feed.





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