Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password using Android Mobile, Windows PC, and Linux PC.

How to Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password in Windows PC, Android Mobile.

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Today everyone is trying to steal secure information from everyone from Cracking any website to Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password. You are also trying so you are here, I guess. As I am a blogger it’s my responsibility to quench your thrust of queries. So, if you are ready to take the whole responsibility of mentioned information then only follow along. In this article, I mention top 10 best 100% working methods to Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password using Android Mobile, Windows PC, and Linux PC.

Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password using Android Mobile, Windows PC, and Linux PC.

The most Effective method that would help to Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password are mentioned below:

Download Jumpstart and WinPcap:

Download  Dumper:

Then after run Dumper each time when you try to steal information of any WiFi Password around you that is written in Spanish language. For this, run Dumper > go to Wps > Click on “Todas Las Redes” radio bottom > Just Underneath you would see many WiFi Signals around you along with Pin Number of routers, click on any of them.  If their Pins are not locked and WiFi are not secured you can try at once to hack there WiFi.

Then Click on “Iniciar JumpStart” to perform this WiFi Password Detection Process, automatically JumpStart would run. If that Process is successful you have Wi-Fi Password. Congratulation!!

To see Wi-Fi Password once successful, go to Dumper > Perfiles > Click on any of them, you would see the password, just right of it, Key is your password.

Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password

Note: If you have also Wi-Fi and forgot, you can use this to remember the password of your Wi-Fi

There are also several techniques, I have mentioned underneath but above one is the most effective:

  1. Best Way to View Saved Wi-Fi Password in Computer at Friends home when disconnected.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt (CMD) in run as administrator format.

Step 2: Type: netsh wlan show profiles

Step 3: Pick one of the User Profiles. And type: netsh wlan show profiles vodkha12345 key=clear

(Here vodkha12345 is Wi-Fi name, you may differ) and hit enter.

Step 4: You see settings information like connectivity, security, cost etc. Go to Security Settings, there you see Key Content: @@vodkha@@ (Here @@vodkha@@ is my Wi-Fi password you may differ). Finally, you have a password of your friends and enjoy it.

  1. View Saved Wi-Fi Password on Android Mobile(needs root)

Once you have rooted Android Mobile, you can recover saved Wi-Fi password using Free Wi-Fi Password Recovery App so download it from play store.

  1. Use Kali Linux PC to hack Wi-Fi

Kali Linus is one of the most powerful Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution for PC. You can use it to easily Hack Secured Wi-Fi Network from Kali Linux. So, Download Kali Linux OS from Official Kali Linux Website:

  1. Use Windows Aircrack-ng to Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password

Aircrack-ng is an application works by implementing the standard FMS attack along with some optimizations such as Korek attacks or PTW attacks. So, this 802.11WEP and WPA-PSK Keys cracking program make the attack much faster and convenient as compared to WEP cracking tools. It is also a set of tools for auditing wireless network. So, If you have command use skills then feel free to use since the interface is standard and required command skills to operate.

  1. Use Kali Linux Rooted Android Mobile to hack Wi-Fi

Download Kali Linux in Android Mobile so that you can Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password.

  1. Hack Wi-Fi in Rooted Android Mobile from WPS Connect APP

It is one of the most popular methods to Crack Hack Wifi Password from android mobile. Download WPS Connect APP from Google Play Store.

  1. Hack Wi-Fi from Windows Wifislax

Wifislax is an open source Linux Operating System based and inspired by the Slackware Linux Distribution. It contains a large number of security and forensics tools for penetration testing to support the latest Wi-Fi technologies.

  1. Know top 10 Wi-Fi Hacking Tools in Kali Linux

Crack Hack Wi-Fi Password using Android Mobile, Windows PC, and Kali Linux PC.

There also several methods for Wi-Fi Cracking and Hacking Tools like:

  • Aircrack-ng
  • Reaver
  • Pixiewps
  • Wifite
  • Wireshark
  • oclHashcat
  • Fern Wifi Cracker
  • Wash
  • Crunch
  • Macchanger
  1. Resetting the routers and use default passwords

If you forget username and password of your Wi-Fi, you can follow step 1 methods or reset the routers by inserting a sharp object into the small hole with a button that usually has the entire router Wi-Fi in the backside or keeps the on-off button pressed for few minutes. Then use the default username and password of your brand routers to access the Wi-Fi.

  1. OnClick Exploits, Vulnerabilities, and Flaws in Software

A web application called Routerpwn based on router exploitation framework has a collection of router exploits in a well cattform support to its users. To provide a multi-plan on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones it is written in JavaScript and HTML Language and has been optimized to ruegorized manner.

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