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Creation, Invention, and Innovation are the key factors to bring drastic changes in the tech world. Many big and challenging problems are also being solved with greater opportunities for the future. So, Technology has come up now with the most scalable solutions which can impact business model across the world to to Solve Problems with Technology. Not only this technology can easily solve all the biggest problems confronting to the mankind like clean energy, quantum computing, robotics, cloud education and NUI software, AI, Synthetic biology, telemedicine etc. So, starting with small ideas but thinking widely and openly, anyone can Solve Problems with Technology. But how so let’s discuss on 22 Most Amazing Ways to Solve Problems with Technology.

  1. Lower Pollution:

Solve Problems with Technology, solving business problem with technology - enlight tech newsTechnology rapidly progressed on designing zero-emission cars which can run on electricity or hydrocarbons to reduce diesel and gas powered cars. So biodiversity is also preserved and lower pollution.

  1. Robotics- The Next Generation:

Robots have taken over most of the tasks. Then how Robots Solve Problems with Technology in the modern business world might be a big question? But it’s true that Robots will be designed with the real application of AI to be easily programmable and handle for manufacturing jobs which are tough for human workers like agriculture. So, Robots are the next generation helping hands.

  1. Additive Manufacturing:

From printable 3D organs to wearable’s are being produced with additive manufacturing using liquid or powder and builds into a 3-D shape through a digital template, each layer at a time. So Machine can print any human cells and create living tissues in fields like tissue repair, regeneration, and screening. Similarly, 4-D printing is also planned to create the new generation of products responsive to environmental changes such as heat and humidity. So, technology solves environmental problems.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

How Smartphones recognize human speech do you know, this is because of AI? Not only this, Image Recognition Information Technology, Self automated cars, flying drones etc. are all controlled and performed by the concept of AI.  So AI systems can assimilate unlimited amounts of information and technology to solve environmental problems too. AI concept is taken to the job more precisely than humans like:

  • Machines do not suffer from lapses in concentration or defects in sight.
  • Machines avoid human errors
  • They have faster access to larger stores of information.
  1. Distributed Manufacturing:

With the advent of digital marketing, age e-commerce are on the rise to personalized products. So distributed manufacturing encourages circulating products and services to broad diversity and speed to varied markets and geographic.

  1. Flying Drones:

Flying Drones,solving business problems with technology, solve problem with technology, enlight tech newsApplication of Flying robots, UAVs or drones is of great used for checking power lines, providing emergency aid, filming, agriculture and other applications for requiring comprehensive and affordable aerial surveillance. Similarly, Sense and avoid drones can also be used for operating reliably in tough conditions like blizzards or dust storms. Therefore, it is the technology problem-solving activities.

  1. Neuromorphic Technology:

Neuromorphic chips process information and resemble the architecture of the brain in a different way from traditional hardware. So Neuromorphic chips are more beneficial because of the following features:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • More Power
  • Networked neutrons making a replica of the brain
  • Combined data storage, data processing into interconnected modules
  1. Mobile Wallets:

Mobile Wallets payment system technology like Square, Google Wallet, and Starbucks App etc. helps to solve leaving wallet behind. It is technologically fast as well. so, it helps to Solve Problems with Technology.

  1. Evolving Video Format:

Evolving new video format from Betamax to VHS, HD DVD, DVD and Blue-Ray have changed almost everything from communication and computing to travel, dining and entertainment.

  1. Redefining Communication:

Now, there are multiple options for us to communicate online through Gmail to Windows, Live Hotmail and more. So technology has solved such problem as well.

  1. Word Power:

There are so many things you can do with your computers such as checking email to Microsoft outlook, building digital libraries of musical tunes, optimizing images through Adobe Photoshop and much more. So handling multiple work tasks, meeting successive deadlines and time management has become very easy now.

  1. Travel Right and Smart Flights:

TripIt is one of the travel website keeping records of all flights, trains, cruises, cars, hotels and a 24 to 48-hour itinerary. Similarly, from TripAdvisor to SmarterTravel and LonelyPlanet, jet-hopping was never easier without the use of technology.

  1. Technology, the Deal Maker:

cloud storage services, problems that can be solved with an invention, enlight nepal, enlight tech newsPopular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive store data and documents online to uplift business efficiency, enhance productivity and increase customer base through social media engagement like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. Using Locu online let you display pertinent business information in one place.

Similarly, Product Management Tools like BaseCamp and Zoho make handling tasks a bit easy. Likewise Scheduling tools such as GenBook, BookFresh or FullSlate enable clients to schedule appointments online at their own easiness. So there are numerous options for marketing online to solve problems that can be solved with an invention.

  • Informational Website
  • Advertising on Search Engines
  • Online Product Sales
  • Email Marketing

Now, Telecommuting and flexitime are perfect online tools to reach global consumers worldwide.

  1. Business to Cloud Nine:

Cloud or delivering software and hardware through network involve cheap and amazingly advanced technology solutions for businesses. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Subscription based on software as a service provide upfront investment used for solving business problems with technology.

  1. Technology and Portability:

As Technology progresses many devices and products have become portable to the customers which help to progress business reaching a goal to Solve Problems with Technology.

  1. Optimizing Performance:

Technology helps business to improve communication, optimize production, manage inventories and maintain financial records to achieve the business goal. Technology makes complex inventory management and organization simple.

  1. Technology solves problem one by one:

telemedicine, solving business problem with technology, enlight nepal, enlight tech newsThere are a bunch of discoveries and inventions regarding technology in various technological fields and few of them are:

  • Telemedicine:

It helps patients in rural and isolated areas to communicate with doctors to get medicine urgently when they need.

  • Augmented Reality:

Rapid progress in technology guides every business to shape new a business plan.

  • Multifaceted Tablet Devices:

Game-changing tablet devices make it easy to take every business to the next level.

  1. Smart Cities:

Smart Cities brings lots of changes to the society by solving biggest problems such as rising population, climate change, increasing waste and massive pollution with the concept of redefined urban living.

  1. Revolution in Technology:

Genomics has changed the identification of disease and its treatments using the Healthcare latest technology. Networked devices have made the world smaller and ensured that medical solutions to reach people faster and quicker.

  1. Solutions For Food Scarcity:

Farm bots, solve problems with technology, enlight nepal, enlight tech newsGenetic Engineering and using farm bots will genetically transform agriculture and food supply chains through smart technologies and vertical farms.

  1. Solutions for Water Scarcity:

Many innovative technologies are applied to make energy and environment-friendly society for the future.

  1. Sustainable Energy:

From solar to wind, nuclear and thermal energy, technology has reformulated energy consumption patterns to make the eco-friendly environment and maintain sustainable energy.







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