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22 Most Amazing Ways to Solve Problems with Technology | Solving Business Problem through Technology | Enlight Tech News

Creation, Invention, and Innovation are the key factors to bring drastic changes in the tech world. Many big and challenging problems are also being solved with greater opportunities for the future. So, Technology has come up now with the most scalable solutions which can impact business model across the world …

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How to Change the default SQL Port Number of WordPress last installed on our Localhost phpmyadmin?

WordPress is one of the CMS (Content Management System) very helpful for blogging and creating any website as required from personal to the business purpose. But during installation or during the running process you may get several errors. Last time, I have also got an error after changing Apache default 

XAMPP Not Working in Windows 10, 8, 7 Fix XAMPP Apache Issues | Enlight Nepal 0

How to Change the XAMPP Server Port Number From 80? How to Fix XAMPP Apache Issues in Windows 10,8,7?

Last time My Xampp was working fine. But due to certain changes and modification within the system in Windows, I got this error in Xampp during Apache running process:

2:34:08 PM  [Apache]      Status change detected: stopped

2:34:08 PM  [Apache]      Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.

2:34:08 PM  [Apache]      This may be due

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